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Architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space


Understanding the person or people living in a home is a far greater need in design than focusing purely on the aesthetics. The home is designed around emotional needs. So we always start with an elaborate intake. We put several questions down to paper to help the clients think of what they really want for their new home. Especially, since you're probably going to be living there for at least several years. That's why we always take our time to get to know the client. We visit their "old" house to see where they are coming from and of course we'll go to the new building together to find out what places in the house they are drawn to. Each project is like a new painting to us. We start out with a blank canvas and make a custom-made design that is unique for each and every client.


As interior & exterior design experts, We "Labz Icon" Interior Design & Architecture offer full service from conceptual design, layout planning to the detail on the bedcovers and customized millwork. All trades on site are guided from one source, all the way to building finishes and interior fittings. With a professional team of experienced interior designers and architects we follow the following process to deliver the best...